Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fairy Dust

Fairy dust

pitter patter, splitter splatter;
rain drops skitter,
feet move faster

Star light, star bright,
brightest star i see tonite,
cast a spell and dim all lights,
take me higher,take me far,
send me swimming through the stars,
to flit and fleet between the other
duck, and crane, not touch or bother,
thru air so cold to velvent breath
and each star's teather inspires to depths.
the sky of velvet
dark and deep
will engulf,envelop,
and thru me seep

hypnotic gaze
magnetic touch
to swim, not spawn
u can't breath much
for breath; if you do
bringing life, brighter light;
all mystic will be lost,
oh starry world turnd to life!

wish, slish, hope and ponder
just keep me floating;
don't pull me under.
pull me under.

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