Friday, November 04, 2005

العيد ب"حاله" جديد

I had tried as with many other 'notions' and 'experiences', to recreate my 'eid experience' here in London.. but failed miserably.
Maybe some things are best kept as memories.
Some notions, experiences, emotions and conceptions are best remembered at the time and place and context they were experienced at.
And maybe that isn't a bad thing after all...
Every situation, event and experience, is a direct result of the combination of people, the time, the place, and the person you are on the inside at that particular point in time.
Thus the effect of the experience, with all the music, culture and emotions that represent it, and are produced by it, are unique and special in their individual entirity, and cannot be reproduced.
We are, I guess then, to make the best of every new situation, and better yet, every new 'us' in creating 'notions' and 'experiences' that are particular to our new context.
"We are all dispossessed of our childhoods; we return to a remembered or
imagined scene to find at best frayed edges and faded colours" Ahdaf Soueif
Sometimes we even return to the site of a special memory, and discover we are so much bigger in size, that even the attempts to re-experience or relive , become distorted.
Perhaps then, it is best we savor those memories of how it once was, how it once felt, and attribute them to all their different phases, and strive in the warmth of those memories, to create new ones.
To recreate the same 'feelings' and similar 'experiences' making the best of all the new 'elements' of our new context.
The new people, the new music, the new context and the new 'us'.
They will be different.
But perhaps even in that difference we will create more memories worthy of a whimsical smile, and a yearning once again, for what once was.
"Pessimism of the intellect, Optimism of the will" ? Anotnio Gramsci

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