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Newsweek- 2004 -- Food for Thought!

I Came across this....

"A third way for America to reassert global leadership is inthe envirnomental arena. Bush is a great supporter of freemarkets. Kerry supports global treaties such as teh Kyotopact. Without joining the treaty, Washington could focus onepart of it -- the development of a worldwide market foremissions trading -- by talking it up, encouraging USbusiness to participate and helping to ensure that the rightglobal regulatory structures are in place to enhance tehmarkets' effectivenes.Advancing ideas like these would realign America's assetswith its global leadership capacity. Let's hope thishappens, for if American doesn't lead teh world toward peaceadn economic progress, it's hard to envision a viable secondchoice""How Bush could re-establish the American claim to globalleadership by borrowing heavily from John Kerry"
Newsweek, December 2004- February 2005Special Edition -- Issues 2005

Do you think they would take up a leadership role fe3lan? And wehre does this leave Europe?

They say;
"the United states has formidable advantages, : theworld\'s strongest military by far, teh most vibrant economy,teh most inniovative capital markets, the most widely usedcurrency, teh most flexible workforce, teh best system ofhidhger education. AMerican is the only country taht is botha great Atlantic adn Pacific power. It is the mostmultiethnic, multicultural, multilingual society, a hugeadvantage in a globalizing world. The guiding "AmericanDream" of opportunity for all has no counterpart anywhere".

The first part of all that, the economy, currency,workforce, higher education, makes me happy such benefits are pinpointed, becuase it makes me feel, i know exacltywaht i need to learn more about.. both there.. how they got to this exactly.. adn then here, what we\'re lacking in terms of unutilized resources, and in terms of comparitiveadvantage 3amattan.

bas from an anthropological point of view, somethign likethe "American Dream" of opportunity, realy realy annoys me,because it\'s SO fake! I"ve read so much literature about it,by Americans adn gheyr..bas this dream of the promising salesman that grows and has a family in a big hosue, with a wife in teh kitchen withshort blond hair adn the little blond boy adn girl and the dog, is realy too much. and it's done NO ONE any good.fe3lan fe3lan baya3een kalam.
and i don't say it with sarcasm or disgust, i say it factually and with a twinge of admiration. simply because they get away with it time andtime again.the fall of this empire i believe will be a big one. alot ofdust will rise.

if you do get your hands on this copy of news week ( i might recommend it, the topics are good, bas not as well coveredbesara7a)you should also read teh short extract they have of aninterview with the Dalai Lama.
He's so cute. Very modest, very spiritual and very down to earth.
They talked to him about politics of teh situation with the chinese keda, his leadership and the link of al htat toreligion,and in the end they asked him:
"You've been a monk since infancy: now you're 69. What haveyou missed out on in life?"
"I missed this (Pointing down, laughing). As a human being,it is quite natural for sexual desire to arise. But overall,a monk's life is more stable, much simpler. In the family there is endless worry, too many ups and downs. Then when acouple grows old, there is the waiting:
will you go first orwill i go first? (Laughs)
Maybe this is not correct, butthis is the view of a simple Buddist monk."

I was touched he mentioned what he was missing out on, bas iwas SURE that's what they were fishing for, and i'm sure herealized it at the very begginign of the interview.i felt particularly sorry for him when he was thinkign up excuses for it, like;
'when the couple grows old, there's ehwaiting.."
he didn't talk about waga3 2alb the responsibiilty, the problems, the distraction from his cause, the money..he just talked about the emotional fear of losing someone.
'maybe i'm better off not trying it..'
i felt sorry for him.i've always wondered.. almsot asked the monks in stcatherine\'s the first timei went.i always also wondered about nuns and priests..
it can't be fair. and you can't attribute that to God..becuase it's just NOT natural.whether it's the sex, the having a family/relationship.. thehaving shouldnt' work that way. not for anyone, adn definatelynot in the name of God."

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